Voice Control for the Web.

headshot of Jessica DeVitaI had [LipSurf] up and running [...] within 5 - 10 minutes. It is amazing. It works in [Chrome]... and Dragon never did.

Jessica DeVita

headshot of Steve WhiteheadCouldn't be happier right now - I've been looking for something like this for ages!

Steve Whitehead

headshot of Shea C.[I]t has been absolutely life-changing as I am dyslexic it helped me a great deal and with the support I have received has been amazing!

Shea C.

Time to Ditch Alexa & Google Home

Let’s face it. The only useful thing your smart speaker ever did was tell you the weather. The big problem with smart speakers is that they’re siloed from the place where we do all our productive stuff - the web.

LipSurf lives and breaths on the web - giving you voice productivity and convenience on the tools you’re already using daily.

You simply say things and LipSurf does them for you. It can be as simple as scrolling a page or playing a video, or it can be more complex like a custom shortcut that runs a Salesforce task for you.


Not only can you dictate emails at 160wpm -- select, label, move, delete messages & more.


Give your hands a break while you do office tasks with your voice.


Eat in front of your computer without getting your keyboard greasy — while you watch videos, or browse social media.


Custom Shortcuts

Add your own super-efficient voice shortcuts to do anything: go to sites, click buttons, fill in forms etc. The possibilities are limitless.

Offline Wake-Word

Unlike Siri, Alexa, and Google Home, LipSurf respects your privacy by not always listening. It stays offline until you say “hey LipSurf”.

Open-Source Plugins

Anyone can make a plugin for LipSurf — it’s fully extensible!

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LipSurf awaits your command.
Simply add it to Chrome and you’ll be in the future 30 seconds from now.