Voice Control

LipSurf.js analyzes what’s showing on-screen and automatically creates voice commands for your webapp.

Instant Turnaround

Get a live demo of voice control working on your webapp same-day.

No Code

Works on top of your existing frontend.

Production Ready

LipSurf has been actively used in production by thousands since 2017.

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How it Works


Drop the script in your page.

<script src="path/to/lipsurf.js"></script>

Install as a Chrome/Chromium extension.

voice-controlled kiosk
voice-controlled kiosk
  1. Connects to a speech-to-text engine of your choice and waits for incoming transcripts.
  2. Processes transcript into a normalized form suitable for your application and language selection.
  3. Inspects DOM and decides what to click based on what’s currently in the viewport.


Your Hardware

Kiosks, Chromebooks, tablets, TVs, or even smartphones. We’re completely hardware independent.

Flexible STT Engine

Works with any speech-to-text service, including: Google STT, Amazon Transcribe, IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Services, PicoVoice, etc.

Can’t decide what’s best for your application? We can help.

voice-controlled kiosk


voice-controlled kiosk


Over 100 languages* and dialects supported. Enhanced models for: English, Spanish, French, Russian and Japanese.

* Language availability depends on STT adapter.

Live Transcript

Show users what they’re saying in realtime so they’re confident they’re being understood.

Fuzzy Matching

Transcripts are processed and normalized for your application so commands are more forgiving for users.


If there are multiple buttons with similar text, the user will be prompted to choose between the best matches.


Know where your users are getting slowed down. Understand where to prioritize optimizations.

Let Us Handle This


We hold your hand through each step of the integration.


Let our experienced professionals handle whatever you don't want to.


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